Your Questions About 2500 Diesel Trucks

by 2500admin on January 26, 2012

Maria asks…

how do i start my diesel truck after changing fuel filter?

i have a 1998 dodge ram 2500 diesel. i changed the fuel filter yesterday and then it wouldnt start. i filled the fuel filter canister with diesel but i know i still have some air in the lines that isnt coming out and it still wont start. what can i do to solve this problem?

2500admin answers:

Bleed the injecters

Sandra asks…

Pros and Cons of a Diesel Truck? And Dodge Ram 2500?

I really want a Big Dodge Ram 2500 but my dad says he doesnt want me to get one because its diesel. So can someone tell me the Pros and Cons of a Diesel truck and more about a Dodge Ram 2500

2500admin answers:

Their are no cons really to owning a diesel truck, everything is really good except for the fact that when fuel goes up diesel always goes up higher than gas does,other wise its one of the best trucks on the road,i cant think of anything bad to tell you about them other than to keep up with the maintenance and that’s it,they,ll run on for a few hundred thousand without giving any major problems,and their one of the safest vehicles on the road right now,good luck.

George asks…

Where is the best place to go for a unbias comparison of diesel trucks?

looking to buy a truck but not really sure which is best f250 powerstroke, chevy2500 duramax, or dodge 2500 cummins

2500admin answers:

Diesel power Mag. It has a side by side compareision and then you can make up your mind. Andy of the diesel magazines are a great place to do some homework. I have a 04 F-350 and love it. With a leveling kit 35″ tires,AFE intake,magna flow exaust,and a hypertech Powerprogrammer III it will pass anybody even pulling a Loaded Toy hauler that weighs 10,000Lbs.

John asks…

2007 chevy 2500 diesel classic style, what do people think?

pros and cons is this the best diesel truck out there

2500admin answers:

Well the 07 classics are late production 06 trucks that never got sold, so they made them 07s. As far as the duramax diesel, by far the toughest light truck diesel on the market, pair that with an allison transmission and its a hard combo to beat. The fuel economy isnt that great but its very consistent, youll get the same mpg unloaded on the hwy as you will pulling a shcool bus across the US. Been a transmission repair tech at a GM dealership for 6yrs and have yet to repair an allison with the exception of a few park/neutral switches for water intrusion

Donna asks…

1994 dodge truck 2500 diesel automatic trans problems?

my truck just quit moving , there is no conneciton , the trans, feels its not even there , the oil does not smell burned, reverse forward does not even make any sounds , slipping , happend from one second do the next

2500admin answers:

Take it to a trans shop for diagnosis. If you didn’t hear any mechanical noises, it could just be an electrical problem, unless you’re low on fluid or something.

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