Your Questions About Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

by 2500admin on November 9, 2011

Ruth asks…

How many quarts of oil in a 2006 Dodge ram 2500 diesel?

2500admin answers:

The 5.9 takes 12=13 qt Do not start dry fill oil filter then install.also DC & Cummings say you can go 10,000 miles between oil changes.The book & dealers say 4,000 as that was the old rattler the new 1 run cleaner.Have 2 =05 great Engs & trucks. If you can’t Dodge em then Ram em

Charles asks…

repair manual for1996 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel automatic transmission?

2500admin answers: is an online source for factory repair manuals….a small fee… as well. You can also buy a Chilton or Haynes repair manual at most parts stores for around 25-30.00 and some libraries carry them. has factory manuals.

Maria asks…

I am having problems with the tq converter in my 1998 dodge ram 2500 diesel, it keep locking and unlocking?

2500admin answers:

Do you have any suspension mods on the truck? I’ve heard of those late 90s model dodges actually having the torque converter exploding on the inside and sending shrapnel through the tranny. This of course was on trucks that had been lifted and done wrong.

Daniel asks…

How do i Remove a torque converter for a 1996 dodge ram diesel 2500?

2500admin answers:

First remove Transmission. This seems to cover it fairly well, except they forgot to mention that after you mark the flexplate to converter mounting bolts/nuts, they should be removed then.


Then pull Torque Converter straight out forward.
On re-assembly, lube the pump seal and the flange of the Torque Converter with transmission fluid, before you insert it into the pump seal.
If this is a 4-wheel drive, my condolences.You will have to start by taking out the Transfer Case;

Paul asks…

How many miles per gallon does a dodge ram diesel 2500 and 2010 model year?

2500admin answers:

Some of he newer ones have been rated to get around 21,but most of them wont get that,about the best you can get from one is around 19,they do better on towing though and hold a more consistent mileage on the highway,my neighbor owns a new one and he hates the mileage on it ,i get more miles per gallon on my 97 than he gets on his new one,good luck.

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