Your Questions About Where Is The Dpf Filter

by 2500admin on June 2, 2013

Maria asks…

What the most reliable diesel cars?

Diesels seem to be less reliable these days with dual mass flywheels and diesel particulate filters etc. I’ve had problems with both the dmf and the dpf on my Peugeot 307 and its expensive business! And the car hasn’t even done 70k yet!
Just wondered what are the most reliable diesel cars for 3000-4000. Are there any car manufacturers that don’t suffer these dreaded problems?

2500admin answers:

Undated and Toyota have longstanding reputations. Subaru made great reliable petrol cars and I’d expect their diesels to be good but beyond your price range.
Vw/skids/seat /audishare a lot in common and their golf sized cars are not in the first rank for reliability in independent tests but loads around fairly cheap and I’m a satisfied diesel vw owner

Carol asks…

should I get a diesel or petrol car?

I currently own a vauxhall corsa 1.2 (57 reg). Usually i do around 260 miles a week and so around 10,000-11,000 miles a year. To fill my car up usually costs £40. Petrol costs have been rising and I know that diesel is dearer per litre but Ive heard the you get more mileage and its cheaper to service etc… I’m looking to buy a used car around £2000-3000 that is good for mpg and cheap for insurance and tax.

I have looked at some cars like the VW polo TDI, Golf TDI, Corsa CDTi but I’m still looking for any more reliable cars that are within my budget.

2500admin answers:

One thing to consider is most new diesels have something called a DPF filter which filters out soot produced by burning the diesel. These can get clogged up unless the soot is burned off in the filter at a high temperature (done via hard driving or periods of 20 minutes motorway driving at above 3k RPM, for example). These can be over £1000 to replace or a bit less to clean (but once they’re past 90% clogged I believe they have to be replaced.

Diesels are normally more expensive to buy and more expensive to run per litre, therefore you only see the benefits of the better miles per gallon if you do a lot of miles. You do not really do a lot of miles, unless you were to own this car for many years. As demand for diesel increases (which it is), the price will also continue to increase more than in proportion to petrol’s increase.

Diesel sounds worse (although better than they used to), especially 4 cylinders which can sound quite clattery, but in my opinion a petrol 4 cylinder isn’t anything special either.

Diesel produces less horsepower than an equivalent petrol due to not revving as high, however this is compensated for low end torque. Decide which one suits your driving style more – over taking in high gears/town driving in 4th all the time or fast accelerations at high RPMs between lights.

Of the three you said there, I would pick either of the Volkswagens as the Vauxhall was originally launched back in 2006, making it quite a bit older in comparison to the 2012 Golf and the 2009 Polo.

Lizzie asks…

Volkswagen particulate filter delete?

I have a 09 tdi jetta, anyone remove the dpf yet? any tips?

2500admin answers:

The DPF is integral with the operation of the engine parameters.

The only way is finding a chip tuner to disable the DPF monitoring system or fooling the DPF system—-good luck with that

Thomas asks…

Does my car have a Diesel Particulate Filter?

I drive a 2006 Volkswagen Golf mk5 with the 2.0 SDI diesel engine. Does it have a DPF?

2500admin answers:

Look on the inside of your drivers door for this sticker:


I don’t believe the 2.0 SDI has a DPF, but I could be wrong – they aren’t sold here in the states.


*** I just did a little more research for you, and it appears the SDI in your golf doesn’t use the DPF technology. Hope this helped.

Daniel asks…

Is warranty “mis-sold” if I am told my car had a particular device it doesn’t have?

Long sotry short 6 months ago I bought a second hand SUV and whilst with the finance manager was informed of the Diesel particulate filter. At the time I had no knowledge of these so he gave me a lesson. Which was all very interesting but he also said when I turned down the most expensive warranty
that I should at least get cover for the DPF. It wasn’t till after I agreed and signed and a few days later I realized my particular model of car hadn’t had the DPF fitted.

Is this my ignorance or his? Probably mine as I know these guys are clever sods. He has the DPF cover written down all over the signed agreement I have at home.

2500admin answers:

Almost certainly it’s not a warranty, but an insurance against breakdown, and has been mis-sold. You are entitled to a full refund

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